Lordship Part 4


To become a Baron you must have the following:


    5 Player Houses; 17x17 plot of land consisting of a home or a vacant plot that a player may live in. Usually designated to your Knights.
    Exotic Stable
    Trade House
    60% Residents to 40% Structures; For every 4 structures you make, you must ensure 6 residents exist. This symbolizes the npcs and cnpcs that live in your town have places to live and sleep.
    2 Barons: Bring two other Players to Countship and have them message Presence10 directly to confirm this on Discord [@presence10] or as responses to your thread.
    Active Player; You must be active on Discord and the Server; absence over 3 months will result in rank and title being stripped.


    [Duke] in chat
    Ability to hire 5 [Knights] total
    Generate 5000 silver every 30ish or so minutes
    Unlocks Duke-Level Buildings
    Unlock 1 more Specialized Industry [3 Maximum]