Lordship Part 1

Lordship; Re-Vamped

As many have seen; lordship almost completely fell apart. From regular reviews and activity on my part. To almost nil-zilch-nada.

This is in part due to a more active life. Therefore theres only a couple ways to maintain this system. Either we attempted to get more people to understand the legwork behind the scenes. [Not all that simple]. Or we revamped it.

I bring the second of the two. Lordship Revamp!

A few things will change. Gone are the individual lordships; anyone who is a Lord/Knight will now be able to access any on their side.

Secondly, it will become much more manageable on our end. Simplified and easier. Those doing the reviews can simply paste in NPCs with the most minimum effort.

Lastly, some structures and benefits will have to be lost to streamline this process.


Applying For Lordship:

Please; Desperately Please; use the following format.


[As a count you can have up to 2!]


Capital Building: [Location in Digits only] <1234 56 -7890>
Marketplace:<1234 56 -7890>
Pasture:<1234 56 -7890>
Training Camp:<1234 56 -7890>
Traveler's Wagon:<1234 56 -7890>
2 Player Houses: <1234 56 -7890> and <1234 56 -7890>
Smeltery: <1234 56 -7890>


Any new submissions for buildings; Please post the building and the location.

All applications must be approved by a Staff Member capable of reviewing.


Custom NPCs:

All CNPCs will become obsolete as you know them; However, Do not be worried. They are being replaced either by similar CNPCs or the exact copy.


Rewards: Upon becoming a lord you will receive the following:    

[Title] in chat; this being [Count]

    Ability to hire 2 [Knights]

    Generate 1000 silver every 30ish or so minutes

    Custom NPC: Knight Captain

    Custom NPC: Courier and Mailbox

    Custom NPC: Traveler [Links Lordships across your Faction; each traveler must be discovered to unlock the location]



Structures are buildings, duh, but these are specific to Lordship themselves. Some are Aesthetic only, these are ones that basically are listed as Ideas for you to break up a town or include things not usually necessary in them. They have no benefits, no real requirements, and are merely suggestions.

The rest come in 4 Categories. Residential, Industrial, Commercial, and Military.

  1. Residential: These buildings are for residences and living quarters for Players, npcs, and custom npcs [from the mod]. For counts these houses rarely matter. But for Barons, they are necessary.
  2. Industrial: Buildings that produce resources or materials that are unprocessed. For counts, these do not do much. But when you are given the title of Baron you will be able to specialize your lordship to 2 special industries!
  3. Commercial: As described these will be your traders. On a general note; traders will Always sell things at least 150% more expensive than other traders, and will only buy things at 75% of usual traders!
  4. Military: These will benefit CNPC Guards, ones added in specifically by other buildings and may increase their health and damage.


Building Sizes

Each structure has a certain building size. While this doesn’t mean the whole of a structure must fill this space, it does suggest a certain size the build must be. For example, a Church is 17x17 or a "Bronze sized Claim". It later can upgrade to a Abbey [33x33] then into a Cathedral [65x65]. These "Upgrades" are explained later. The suggested size is merely to reflect the epicness of the structure.

As a lord, you are looking to make Epic and Awesome buildings. Focus on each building and leave room for Expansion and upgrades!

You may also notice [Only 1 Per Lord]. This means for your specific area, you can only have 1 benefit from this structure. For example, you can make 8 smiths, but only 1 will have the CNPC there. The rest do nothing.



As you advance from Count to Baron and then to Duke you may notice Upgrades become available for your buildings. The most common are the Core buildings. As a count you already built Training Grounds, but to become a Baron you must upgrade them to a Barracks.

This means one can build more onto the original structure, for this example the Training Grounds merely needs to have a structure near it that can house the platoon of soldiers and guards. Or if you didn't plan for expansion you just have to build the Upgrade Nearby.



The best part of Structures are their benefits; to get the Benefit of a structure the Lord must do 1 thing. He must post the X, Y and Z coordinate of his build to their Lordship Application. The build will come under review, and finally will be either Accepted or Denied; with a reason why.

Once fully accepted you will be given your benefit. This can take some time, and due to the nature, you will only be reviewed Once a week. No more than that.