TSSN: Terms of Service


The following terminology applies to the End User Agreement, Terms of Service, Usage Rights, Server and Discord Guidelines any or all Agreements: User, You, Your, Player, and Client refers to you, the person accessing this platform and accepting the service's terms of service. The Service, Network, Community, Ourselves, We, Our, Us, TSSN, and TSS:Network refers to The Second Server Network. The TSS:Network reserves the right to update these Terms, which we may do for reason that include, but are not limited to, complying with changes to the law or reflecting changed in the Network itself. If such changes occur an announcement will go out to notify users of this change.


End User Agreement

By choosing to use our service you agree that all information and ideas related to our network are our intellectual property and you the user agree not to steal, slander, belittle or misrepresent the intentions of the network in a negative light. Any content created involving the network may be subject to review and if deemed to be intentionally slanderous, the network has the right to demand it be taken down and/or erased. This includes but is not limited to videos, streamed content, screen shots, online reviews, or any other means of sharing information.


Usage Rights

You, the User, the Player have access to play on our servers free of charge unless labeled otherwise. If the user breaks any of our agreements or guidelines they will be subject to loss of usage rights and henceforth removed from the Network. Donating or utilizing an in-game package does not exempt you from continuing to follow the rules and guidelines.


Donations and in-game packages

Any donations to the network are used to maintain the network to allow users to continue having a place to play and congregate. Any in-game packages are non-refundable once the benefits of said package are claimed. Attempting to force a refund after you have benefited from an in-game package is akin to scamming the network and may result in removal from all network servers as well as possible legal repercussions.


Advertisement and Poaching

Users are free to advertise their involvement in services such as Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and the like. However Any attempts to poach members of the TSS:Network to other Discord Servers or other Server Hosting Networks is not permitted. Any who send direct messages to TSSN members are in violation of Discord Terms of Service. Any unauthorized posts or verbal attempts of the like within TSSN programs and services will result in punishment ranging from banishment to the "Time Out Corner" to removal from the Network. While we have no issue with spreading the word of out existence, any member of the TSS:Network staff who advertises in another Discord does so only after gaining the permission of who ever runs said Discord. Therefor the same respect is expected to be payed to us as well.


Service and Discord Guidelines

You are expected to know and understand the rules and guidelines of the network both in and out of Discord. Ignorance to the rules in no way relieves you of the responsibility of following them and in and of itself is a violation of the rules. If you have questions please reach out to @HR Team if the rules are about a specific server. Guidelines can be updated at any time, and we will give notice at such times. The network rules are found in the #welcome channel of the Discord.


Discord link here: https://discord.gg/FEzMPT4

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