Purchasable Waypoints

Good news everyone!

Waypoints will now be sold!


How to purchase:

Fill out the following application, and post as a Reply below. You will be contacted if you are Rejected or Accepted. For reasons we will not discuss our reasons as to why you are rejected.



Current Base Coordinates:

Each waypoint costs a Minimum of 25,000 Silver. Otherwise it is 10% of your bank total.

-If you suddenly empty your bank just to pay minimum, you will be seen as going against the spirit of the purchase. The reason we are charging is to reduce the inflation of the economy. 



Each application will be reviewed by staff; we are looking for several key factors


1: Decent Builder


2: Community Member


[Friendly, helps players out, generally a liked player, follows the spirit of rules]


3: Regular on the server.




Players will build up these points, if you buy Helms Deep we would expect you to make something similar to Helms Deep. 

Players will make these spaces fun for the community and we can work alongside to make them better.

These places will hopefully garner some traffic and bring out the aesthetics of our server.

I'd like for each point to be accessible for people to visit and move through. Means all roads need to be open and unblocked. 


What do you get:

Each waypoint will be protected by a {Server} banner, which will also grant you and whomever else you add to build up from. 

You will also get a trader who will sell building supplies to you {these may just be selected or just from the ones offered at spawn] [150% mark-up]


My opinion:

I want to see players build up these waypoints and make them something where players can visit, fight, and host small events at. Why not set up some houses and rent them out? The possibilites can be endless. Maybe if a player built up Bree enough, the Maximillions may set up a direct teleport to there. 

I may also add these locations as quest points for players to go visit. A player logs in, and gets a quest of "Visit Bree and enjoy!" or something of the sort.

If you have ideas, please send them as a message on here, or on discord.