Lordship Part 5

Steward: 65x65 building size;

This is a proper and large manor-house. Lavishly designed and extravagant. Each Steward needs their own Lordship to oversee. Each requirement of Count must be built for a Steward.

Benefit: 1 Steward [Count] CNPC; does nothing, costs 2000 silver/30ish minutes.

The purpose of the Steward is just to fill a county with a CNPC instead of a Player. However, they cost more to maintain then one will ever make off the income generated by their title. A Steward still needs to have a full lordship around them and feel lived in as if a Player was there. Empty and barren, undercoated and dull lordships will not appease the Noble Steward who enjoys lavishness and people to oversee.

There will be updates as I adjust the system itself. Any updates will be pinned onto the #Lord-Chat channel in discord